Lawrence Creaghan

Iím just mad about Savourin...and quite rightly!

Great ideas can be killed for a million different reasons in the ad businees and thatís just the way the cookie crumbles. But sometimes, you just shake your head.

Such was the case for a campaign I developed at BCP for Savourin* (pronounced sav-o-rin in English) Butter. The client had a great product, a great package, and was looking to break into the English market.

Wow! Did we ever have the campaign to help them make that breakthrough, sung to the tune of Donovanís iconic Mellow Yellow.

Iím just mad about Savourin

And Savourinís mad about me

Iím just mad about Savourin

Sheís just mad about me

They call it mellow yellow (Quite rightly)

They call it mellow yellow (Quite rightly)

They call it mellow yellow

BCPís agency producer had even arranged for Donovan himself to sing it. (He was coming to Montreal for a concert at the time.)

Alas! It was not to be. The client just didnít get it. But someone from the Dairy Bureau (they had to approve all butter advertising) may have. In any event, the campaign miraculously appeared for the Dairy Bureau of Canada not too long after.

The words didnít match nearly as well (Savourin/Saffron) and Donovan didnít sing it. But the Dairy Bureau ran the campaign for many years, winning plenty of awards and selling tons of butter.

Savourin Butter never did get the breakthrough they were looking for and eventually went out of business.

*My policy is strict client confidentiality at all times but since this was a presentation only, Savourin was not a client, and the company is no longer in business, I feel this can be revealed without breaking confidence. – Lawrence Creaghan