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“Canadians are born all over the world, it just sometimes takes them a bit of time to get here.” – Mayor Wayne Potoroka of Dawson City, speaking about about refugees coming to Canada

Easy Guide to Canadian Spelling
The recommended reference for Canadian English

Canadian English contains elements of British English and American English, as well as many Canadianisms: elements “distinctively characteristic of Canadian usage.” Canadian English’s precise influence from American English, British English and other unique sources has been the ongoing focus of systematic studies since the 1950s. – Wikipedia

Below are Canadian English spellings for some of the more commonly used words that are spelled differently in either American English or British English.

Abridgement acknowledgement aegis aeon aesthetic aging airplane aluminum amoeba amortization amortize amphitheatre anaesthesia analogue analyze anemia anemic annex apologize appal appetizer arbour archaeology ardour artifact armour authorization authorize axe Bandana banister baptize barrelled barrelling bedevilled bedevilling behaviour behoove belabour blond breathalyzer brunette burette Calibre caliper cancellation cancelled cancelling candour capitalization capitalize caramelization caramelize carburetor catalogue catalyze categorization categorize cauterization cauterize centimetre centre cesarean cesium characterization characterize checkered cheque chili civilization civilize clamour co-author colonization colonize colour commercialization commercialize computerization computerize co-opt councillor counselled counselling counsellor counter-attack cozy criticize crueller cruellest crystalline crystallization crystallize customization customize Defence demeanour demoralization demoralize dependant (noun) dependent (adjective) dialled dialling dialogue diarrhea dietitian digitization digitize disc (general) disk (computers) dishevelled dispatch distil draft duelled duelling Economize edema empathize emphasize enamour encyclopedia endeavour enrol enrolment enthral equalled equalling esophagus estrogen Familiarization familiarize favour favourite feces fervour fetid fetus fibre finalization finalize flavour flutist forever fuelled fuelling fulfil fulfilment funnelled funnelling furor Galvanization galvanize generalization generalize goitre gonorrhea goodbye grey gruelling gynecology Harbour harmonization harmonize hematologist hemoglobin hemophilia hemorrhage hiccup hireable honour honourable hospitalization hospitalize humour hypnotize hypothesize Idolization idolize institutionalization institutionalize immunization immunize immortalization immortalize imperilled imperilling industrialization industrialize initialization initialize initialled initialling inquire inquiry instal instalment instil ionization ionize Jeweller jewellery Kidnapped kilometre knelt Labelled labelling labour lasagna leaped legalization legalize levelled levelling libellous licence (verb is always spelled license) likable licorice litre livable logorrhea louvre lustre Macabre manoeuvre marvelled marvelling marvellous matte maximization maximize meagre medallist medieval memorialization memorialize memorization memorize mesmerize metre (measuring device, like odometer, always ends with meter) militarization militarize milligram millimetre mineralization mineralize miniaturization miniaturize minimization minimize misdemeanour mitre mobilization mobilize modelled modelling mollusc mould moult moustache movable Nameable neighbour neighbourhood neutralization neutralize nonplussed Ochre odour offence (offense often used in a sports context, always offensive) omelette optimization optimize organization organize oxidization oxidize Paean paleolothic panelled panelling panellist paralleled parallelling paralyze parlour pasteurization pasteurize peddler pediatrics personalization personalize philosophize phony plagiarize pleaded plow polarization polarize pre-eminent pre-empt pre-exist pretense pre-war prioritization prioritize privatization privatize program programmed pulverization pulverize pummelled pummelling Queueing Raccoon rancour racquet rateable realization realize recognize reconnoitre re-educate re-elect re-enter re-entry re-examine revelled revelling rigour routing rumour Saleable sanitization sanitize saviour savour savoury sceptre scrutinize sensationalize shrivelled shrivelling signalled signalling sizeable skeptical skilful smelled smoulder sombre specialization specialize specialty spectre spelled spiralled spiralling splendour stabilization stabilize standardization standardize sterilization sterilize storey stylization stylize succour sulphate sulphur sulphuric summarize symbolization symbolize sympathize synthesize Terrorize theatre thralldom tidbit tire tonne (refers to metric tonne imperial ton is always ton) totalled totalling toward tranquillity tranquillize travelled travelling traveller travelogue tumour tunnelled tunnelling Understorey unionization unionize utilization utilize Valour vapour vigour visualization visualize Wilful worshipped Yogurt

Katherine Barber, the Editor Who Defined Canadian English

Adaptation Versus Translation