Lawrence Creaghan

An End to Gender Honorifics

There is no reason whatsoever for using gender-based honorifics anymore. There is no upside…only a downside. Say goodbye to Ms., Mrs., and Mr. once and for all.
• When writing to someone you don’t know, open with: “Dear John Smith,” or “Hi John Smith,”
• When writing to someone you do know, open with: “Dear Jane,” or “Hi Jane,”

There is no need to use gender-based honorifics in any type of writing.


Sofia Coppola is so drawn to the idea of becoming that she sometimes finds it hard to grasp that she became. Over eight feature films – including her latest, Priscilla, about the young Priscilla Presley’s tumultuous relationship with Elvis – she has delved deeply into the liminal stage that is a young woman’s coming-of-age. So you can hardly blame Coppola that after staying in that head space for so long, it comes as a surprise that 25 years have passed since filming her debut feature, The Virgin Suicides. – New York Times, October 27, 2023

• Once you have used the subject’s full name, the subject’s first name is all you need to use after that.
• If the subject is the type that prefers more formality, start with their full name, and their last name is all you need to use after that.

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